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Irish Spring Soap

irish spring soap walmart canada

Last time I was kind of asked the question on whether or not buying that 34 cents snowflake soap is better than buying a standard bar of soap. Based on this example I saw you could buy two bars of Irish Spring soap for 98 cents. Divide that by two and each bar is essentially like 49 cents each. This bar of soap is a lot bigger than that snowflake soap too.

So value wise it is a no brainer where buying the regular bars of soap is a better value for your dollar. To crunch the numbers even more, that snowflake soap is 40g. So that means it is about 0.98 cents per gram. This bar of soap is 90g each. Breaking that down it’s like 0.54 cents per gram. You are probably wondering who the heck does all this math for such a small item right? Well, that’s just what you have to do if you are trying to get the most for a dollar. After awhile it just becomes a second nature habit.

Company/Provider: Walmart Canada

Sale Price Tag: 98 Cents

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: None

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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