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Lemon In Groups of Three

lemon persia foods

You would never think something as small as a lemon could be so costly. Since we have a one dollar budget here it just puts it into perspective when you see prices like these such as 87 cents for one lemon.

lemon real canadian superstore

This one where it said one piece is usually like $1.29 seems absolutely insane when you are more budget conscious. Granted this was supposed to be for very large ones, but it’s still a lot.

lemon price smart

So, the cheapest I was able to find was from Persia Foods where they sold pretty decent sized ones where you can get three of them for one dollar. Generally speaking, you don’t really think too much about value when you buy things for under one dollar until you can see how much more you can get from shopping around at other places.

Company/Provider: Persia Foods

Sale Price Tag: One Dollar

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Bulk Buy

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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