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Sweet Butter Chip

sweet butter chip assi supermarket

Figured that I needed to find some more non-everyday items for variety. While I see chips all the time, I actually haven’t seen these “sweet butter chips” before. In this case, you could buy two bags for 99 cents. That sounds pretty cheap. I do question the regular price that is indicated of $3.49 each. Would these be classified as “junk food” too still? Either way, if you are one to snack on things like this even if it is for under one dollar you can see more just how many other types of food you can get for that price. Especially if you are in a tight budget mode.

Company/Provider: Assi Supermarket

Sale Price Tag: 2 For 99 cents

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Sale

Type of Coupon or Discount Used:

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