For many years I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge about finance related discoveries to try and help people manage their money better in a raw and down to earth way.

I am no stranger to having to live on a tight budget mindset. I have often been in situations where I had to rely on myself financially for support or that I have lost thousands of dollars only to have the system fail in protecting people like me. This would often leave a lot of people to be stuck in the same financial hole where they are hoping someone will help pull them out.

Despite all this, when it came to money one key financial management habit that always saved me was not how much I earned but rather how I spent it. While it’s nice to have someone else support us, you need to make it a lifestyle habit to be consistent in making sure your dollar is getting you the best value. By value I mean price and quality as well. That way you can take control of your own finances in life.

People would often say that what I do must be a fluke or that the things that are cheap simply aren’t usable. To me, in many cases price doesn’t always necessarily mean quality as you are often paying for things like cosmetic appearances or marketing.

With so much news about how hard it is financially where a dollar can’t really buy much nowadays, I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many different things I could find that are on for sale for one dollar? I know from my experience I could find a ton of stuff. But can I find something for 365 days a year at that price tag? At the same time, are these items and services things that people would actually use that are of good quality? So I have decided that this will be my challenge for 2016. In doing this, I hope it will help inspire all of you who are on a tight budget that the deals are out there.

Just for some technicalities, I will be trying to find anything that is one dollar or less before tax and fees. This is mostly for simplicity as taxes are different everywhere and fees such as recycling deposits can at times be refunded. I will obviously not include items that are marked as one dollar yet there is like a ten dollar service and handling fee of some sort attached to it.

If the item is free that will be even better. But either way I will list if there were any special stipulations or circumstances used to get the item at that price point. Since I am from Canada, I will be mostly trying to find items using Canadian currency. So if I can find it for a marked tag of one dollar Canadian, then an American could get even more with their dollar as an example. For sure my price shouldn’t go over one dollar US. You may think this task would be as simple as going to a “Dollar Store” right? However, up here most dollar stores don’t even sell stuff tagged as one dollar anymore.

I am going to try hard to find things at the best price as possible while finding things that many people will use in their everyday life. Will it be just junk? Am I restricted to just processed foods? We shall see. Feel free to give me any leads or tips on offers if you know places where I can find items or services for one dollar or less too. Even if you are the business itself I will entertain all offers to show people the things they can get.