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Green Onions

two green onions assi supermarket

I thought this example would be kind of hilarious and eye popping for you all. I noticed that in this supermarket it was selling two bunches of green onions for one dollar. That is not too bad of a price as a lot of bigger supermarkets often sell these types of items for one dollar except you only get one bunch.

one green onion

Now for myself, neither of those are truly a crazy good deal. Are you ready? Take a look at this price from the same supermarket that I have posted on my finance blog before:

seven green onions assi supermarket

Yup, you are looking at it correctly. In that instance they were selling seven bunches of green onion for one dollar. Again, do your price comparison to build up that price database in your head to truly know when something is a great deal and where to find it.

Company/Provider: Assi Supermarket

Sale Price Tag: One Dollar

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Sale

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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