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Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries

Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries cheap sale

Christmas clearance also relates to food items as well. Cranberries are often a Thanksgiving and Christmas item where a pack of it usually goes for about two dollar or more here. Even a price like $1.79 is often considered to be like a sale price.

Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries $1.99

So wasn’t this shocking when I saw it. At first I saw the sign saying it was one dollar and thought that would be a nice example of what you can get for a dollar. Upon looking further though it said that you could buy eight of them for a total of one dollar. Yes, eight 340g bags of cranberries for one dollar. I can see why too because if they don’t dump it quick it will probably go bad fairly rapidly I would assume.

Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries one bag

I did check it to see if there was anything wrong with it. From my personally assessment, not all of the cranberries were firm as some felt squishy. So again, incentive to try and get rid of everything fast. It would probably be a very good deal regardless for those that do baking or things like smoothies. You didn’t think a dollar could go that far huh?

Company/Provider: Sunrise Market

Sale Price Tag: One Dollar

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Clearance Price

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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