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Free Public Transit On New Year’s Eve Translink

free transit new years eve

Alright, one thing that I haven’t really posted is transportation and so this was very fitting. Because it’s new year’s eve and a lot of people are expected to get a little rowdy during the nights the public transit is free from 5pm to 5am. Should save people a lot of money from having to use the cars too.

Technically this was the last day of my documentation as this is a full year of showing that you can find useful everyday things for one dollar or less. A lot of people say I am just lucky at times but hopefully this shows that if you are tight on a budget that those deals are out there. For next year I was thinking of integrating all this into my new project for 2017.

Company/Provider: Translink

Sale Price Tag: Free

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: From 5pm to 5am

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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