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George Baby Boys’ T-Shirt For 40 Cents

cheap walmart baby clothes

I don’t have any kids, but if I did this sure seems like a good way to get baby clothing for an extremely cheap price. There were quite a few variety to choose from as I browsed through Walmart’s online site.

This product actually had some money saving tip examples. While normally you would have to pay a pretty high shipping fee where the cost of this item wouldn’t be worth it, many online retailers now offer you the option to ship to a post office free. So that is something you should look out for.


free canada post shipping

Another funny point is that with tax this item came out to 42 cents. If I was to buy this with 50 cents cash at like a store, since they got rid of the pennies in Canada the store would actually give me 10 cents back. So you would literally be saving another two cents. Just an example why I am not factoring in things like taxes for this daily documentation.

There was actually one of these 40 cent shirts where there was “No Image available.” I thought it would be fun to order this and open it up in the future to see exactly how it was like. People always wonder if you should order things like clothes online without the ability to try it on first. Well, I don’t even know what this baby clothes looks like. Err, who would I even give this away to as well?

walmart canada no image shirt

Company/Provider: Walmart Canada

Sale Price Tag: 40 cents

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Clearance Item

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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