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Free $20 Amazon Gift Card

free $20 amazon gift card ubc study

Okay, I was debating about posting this offer here as technically I am not buying anything directly per se. However, I have used examples on how I was able to get things like a free burger by simply signing up for an e-mail list. So in theory, this offer kind of uses the same type of effort for the reward. Except with this reward I could pretty much buy anything I want at Amazon.

In this case, a local university here called UBC was holding studies where they were looking for people who were willing to participate in them. For this one, I did everything at home and simply looked at a few material while answering some questions. In return they gave me this twenty dollar gift card for free.

amazon free $20 gift card balance

You can often find plenty of schools and organizations who conduct these kinds of studies frequently too. I was actually interested in helping out in general too, so this gift card was just a bonus. If you were someone on a tight one dollar budget this must feel like you won a lottery of some sort in some way. It’s a way for you to “cheat” and go “over budget” by finding ways to make more money.

Company/Provider: University of British Columbia (UBC)

Sale Price Tag: Free

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Participated In A Study

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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