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Sushi Combo Plus Money Earned

kiku sushi burnaby 4986 Kingsway BC Burnaby V5H 2E2

While this isn’t by any means an “extreme couponing” example, it sure shows you need to keep an eye out for coupons and vouchers if you are looking to save money. In this case it was kind of an unusual deal as the company was providing a $7 off coupon on any order. There was no minimum purchase too. Of course, I just had to test if this would indeed work.

kiku sushi kids combo $5.50

So, I found a restaurant in the BC lower mainland where I could get something for under $7. In this case, I decided to order a sushi combo from a business called Kiku Sushi. As you can see, the combo is originally $5.50 without tax yet. In total with the $7 off coupon the company actually gave me $1.22 in profit. How’s that for an under one dollar budget? $7 off meal coupon

I did pick up the order too and the food seemed good. Always keep an eye out for those coupons and special voucher deals.

kiku sushi combi

Company/Provider: Kiku Sushu

Sale Price Tag: Free Plus $1.22 Earned In Profit

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Order

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: $7 Off Your Order Coupon “ordernow7”

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