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Enoki Korea Mushrooms

enoki korean mushroom

This was an interesting example price wise for some Korean Enoki Mushrooms in a small store. These are the slim kinds of mushroom that are often in packages. As you can see you could buy one for one dollar. If your budget allowed you to spend more than one dollar you could get three for the price of two. Although, their math is a little weird as they say to for $1.99 where 0.99 times two should be $1.98.

But why this was a good example was I saw these exact same mushrooms at a larger supermarket. As you can see, in this case it was $1.48.

enoki korea mushroom expensive

It’s so easy to then walk past this stuff and say you can’t buy anything for a dollar. But as you can see, the prices can be so different depending on where you shop. You could either walk out with one pack of mushrooms for $1.48 or $1.99 for three. It’s more convenient to shop at one place, but hopefully you can see that the savings can be tremendous when you start buying lots of stuff and adding things up.

Company/Provider: Garden Produce

Sale Price Tag: 99 Cents

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Sale

Type of Coupon or Discount Used: None

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