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Kiwi In a Bunch of Four

four kiwi one dollar bk market

As usual I decided to scout around the local grocery stores whenever I am in various areas. There were a lot of grocery stores here and here was some interesting deal for kiwis. As you can see, at first it was priced at one dollar for two. I guess in an attempt to get rid of it faster they now priced it at four for one dollar.

I did try and see if there was anything wrong with it as usual. I would say once again there were some in the mix that seemed like they weren’t firm. You can even notice that in the picture I took. In comparison you could get two of them in a different box where all of them seemed extremely firm. Just to note, I am no kiwi expert where maybe you do want the ones that aren’t super firm such as how that can mean it isn’t ripe to eat.

Two kiwi one dollar bk market

Company/Provider: BK Market

Sale Price Tag: One Dollar

Special Stipulations/Circumstances: Bulk Buy

Type of Coupon or Discount Used:

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